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Monday, August 26, 2013

Design wall Monday

My latest scrap squad project will be posted Friday.
I pulled some really old fabrics from when the local quilt store was first open (now deceased).
the starting fabrics
When I was finished with the top, I sewed all the leftovers into the backing. I first sewed all the scraps together, but there were not enough of them to make much. I cut apart the remaining panel, and used strips of scraps and such to bring them up to about 16”. I then joined them with fabrics I had pulled but not used on the front, and made it big enough for a backing. I love what happened with the triangles! I was a bit worried about  how it would quilt, but it just wasn’t a problem. Here’s the back – you can see the front on Friday on the Quilty Pleasures blog. Right now the link will take to you the wonderful Christmas quilt made from the same pattern.
The top bulk is the hanging sleeve, just pinned on.
Happy Quilting,

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finishing vacation

Our final train trip this time IMG_2694IMG_2695IMG_2696IMG_2700IMG_2701IMG_2704IMG_2707IMG_2717IMG_2724was in Leadville, CO, one of the highest places to live. I didn’t have as much trouble breathing here, I think I was becoming acclimated. Our train ride included an area that had a forest fire last year, and erosion. I was amazed at the tenacity of the trees even when their roots we so exposed. I loved the wild flowers as well. The old freight station was appropriately labeled with a quilt block!
Leadville has a really old Opera House that we visited, but it still needs a lot of reclamation work. There is an antique mall in a very old Hardware Store that is intriguing. It still has all the old drawers, shelves and ladders that were part of every hardware store ages ago.
The only quilt store in Leadville is a vintage store. There’s no place to buy the latest fabrics there. This store – I forgot to take a picture – had old quilt tops, fabrics, embroidery, thimbles, sewing items – the list goes on and on. DH found something there and I bought a silver thimble that fits – a rare find for me.
Our last stop was Golden, CO. On the way into town we stopped by the Quiltmaker offices and checked out the gallery. These were quilts made from some of the patterns in one of the 100 Blocks series. Two quilts were made by fellow Scrap Squad members, Marti and Colette.
Even though we were there at lunch time, 3 editors from Quiltmaker were nice enough to come out and say hello. Did I remember to have my picture taken with them? No. You can see them if you watch the Block making instructions on the Quiltmaker website.

The last day DH and I split up. I went to downtown Golden to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and to go quilt store shopping. I also wandered the river walk and again wanted to ride one of those tubes down Cripple Creek (I think that’s what runs there). DH went to the Railroad Museum and met up with another railroader. I forgot to take pictures of the quilt store, and I’m not sure if I can post pictures taken inside the Museum.
This picture is of my haul BEFORE I went to the Golden quilt shop. I found Kaffe Fassett fabrics there and did some stocking up on his stripes.  What a great vacation. My suitcase weighed in at 49 pounds, but my backpack had another 15+. I made it home safe and sound, stash intact.
I hope you made time for a vacation this summer. It was a wonderful break from the usual!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

School has started!!

What a busy summer! Little people (not really very little anymore) were about and had to be taxied to various activities such as work, dentist, dance, and other fun things.
2013-06-01 15.05.082013-06-22 20.11.472013-08-02 15.26.492013-08-05 19.36.47
2013-06-22 20.14.07 
In between, we took a vacation to Colorado to ride old trains and visit quilt shops. What a wonderful combination.
2013-07-09 07.53.43IMG_25672013-07-09 09.20.212013-07-09 11.09.22
This was the first train trip – the Royal Gorge. We sat in the Vista Dome car and had brunch while admiring the beautiful surroundings.  The forest fires earlier this summer burned all the buildings at each end of the bridge, but looking up at it from train level, I didn’t think I would miss it at all. I loved watching all the people rafting or tubing down the rivers. I must try this.
IMG_2574Canon City had two smaller quilt stores. This one, nearly across from the train was appropriately marked. The other one was in the old downtown, and had about every Accuquilt template you could ever want. I controlled myself, and only fat quarters and fabric pens came along at this point.
IMG_25762013-07-10 10.59.062013-07-10 11.07.522013-07-10 11.09.482013-07-10 13.12.272013-07-10 13.12.39IMG_2596IMG_2605IMG_2607
Our next stop was Durango. From there one day we headed up to Silverton, rented this jeep and drove as much of the old railroad bed as possible. DH had reviewed pictures of the area taken when the mines were in operation, and we were trying to find those sites. I only had one panic attack on the narrow or non-existent “roads”, and did have fun wading in the streams and rivers we crossed.
Durango has two wonderful quilt shops. The first shop, Durango Quilt Company was apologetic that their store was “bare” as they were having a quilt show in Montrose and had taken a lot of samples there. Quilt show? we found it later! The second “Quilt Store” had a lot of brights and Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I think I went a little nuts here, as well as the previous store. My backpack grew.
2013-07-11 11.27.21IMG_02922013-07-11 09.53.17-22013-07-11 10.55.26
Of course, we had to ride the Durango and Silverton Railroad. We sat in DH’s favorite place, the last seats in the last car. We had a wonderful ride after a bit of Dramamine. I could watch the water rolling by forever. Silverton is a fun place to stroll and spend money, and has an awesome museum. DH was able to meet with an archivist and arrange for copies of some old engineering drawings of the mines railroad.

This is enough for one day. As you can see our summer was full. Other than Scrap Squad Quilting I didn't work on any projects. More vacation pics another day.

Happy Quilting,