Design wall Monday (or table)

A bit of misdirection from Scrap Squad, so I finished cutting out all the pieces to this project, and will put it away for a bit while I make the next one.

Were you one of the thousands of people who thought this fabric that appeared on the front of the Connecting Threads catalog was wonderful? I kept trying to tell myself I didn't need any, but it had Circles! By the time I gave in to ordering some, there wasn't any yardage left, not even any fat quarters left, so I had to order a kit to get some of it.IMG_2245
Actually, I ordered both of these kits. I took them apart last night, and started pulling for the next Scrap Squad project, one that has NO points to match! Yeah!!

The reds on the left were in the kit – very little texture in them. I pulled the ones on the right to add more texture.

There was only one red on black other than the circle fabric in the kit (bottom fabric). I pulled these others, two batiks and a regular fabric, to go with it. I learned today how hard it was to take good pictures of black and red. All these are really black.

The red on whites from the kit are on the left. I added these others to them. I just love the red ants.

I needed some nearly blacks, so pulled the ones on the left. They really are black, no matter what the picture reads. I also needed some blacks on whites, and some stripes for accent. I also pulled these black and whites and red hearts because I like them, but I don’t know whether they will fit in.

These are the fabrics for Scrap Squad Project #2 – appropriate for Valentine’s day. There are 39 fabrics, not as many as usual for me, but there is some strip piecing in this one. Other than the kit and about 4 fat quarters, these are all left-overs from the 2 quilts pictured here. I’m off to cut. I have Accuquilt templates for the pieced block in this project. That's sure to help the hands.

Happy Quilting,


Weedy said…
Woman! you've been in my stash again. This is getting to be funny.
Wow! cannot wait to see this finished! I started drooling over the same fabrics in Connecting Threads, but I'm on a fabric diet right now so I didn't buy any. :-(
Bonnie said…
I love red fabric and I was sorely tempted to buy some of those reds. But in the end I didn't. And I guess I won't see any in the sale section. Bummer. Oh well. I need to keep an eye out for #2. In the next month or two.

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