Medallion quilts I’ve made, or where the red scraps come from

This is the first picture I’ve been able to take of this quilt made 9 years ago for my daughter’s wedding. Sorry for the light and windchime in the way, there’s no place inside to take the picture without obstructions. DGD#2 decided she needed to be in the picture.
I made this from a picture in one of Joen Wolfrom’s color books. I did contact the original maker, who graciously gave me permission to copy it, but she had no directions. She had actually appliqued the red border on the black background. I diagramed it out and pieced it. It is a king size, about 114” square. There are probably 100 different fabrics in this quilt. I collected for nearly a year before I made it.
Fast forward to 2006, DGD#2 is expected. I bought a few more fabrics in red and white, but used a lot of the leftovers of the above.
jessicas tribble
This is still hanging in DGD#2’s bedroom even though she changed to pink Hello Kitty after Christmas. DD says she likes to lie on DGD’s bed and look at this quilt, it reminds her of hers. DD posted a picture of the wedding quilt on Facebook tonight – she takes a better picture – I guess all those years of paying for her degree in Photography paid off.
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Happy Quilting,


heartsease54 said…
Just got to say it--WOW! That is just a gorgeous quilt. I've made a king size log cabin quilt, so I know what it involves, but this is on another level entirely. Beautiful.
Kath said…
Amazing work Becky!
Those are some stunning quilts! WOW!

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