Judy L’s UFO challenge, the rest of the picks

6. Fall Chinese coins


Pineapple king and pillows 2007

When I finished the Pineapple Blossom quilt pictured, I cut up the remaining scraps into Chinese Coins, and sewed, and sewed, until they were all in the coin strips. There are different sizes of columns. Both of these projects were made from scraps from 2 other quilts – all cut from quarter-yard cuts of autumn fabric. The only fabric I had to add was the various yellows. The pineapple and Chinese coins came from stash/scraps – no fabric was purchased. I plan to make the Chinese Coins into a wall hanging that fits above the king-size bed pictured above. I found a cool setting using black and white Greek something in between the columns. This project was put away because I was busy making a lot of Heartstrings quilts out of Chinese coins, and I wanted them finished for Alycia’s goal of 400 QOV that year.

7.Blue Braid (King)

IMG_0013 Another class project with Bonnie Hunter. I wanted to make a monochromatic quilt for a long time, so did this. I knew when I started it would end up as a UFO. It seems like all my class projects do. I want this one for our bed. Again, because of the size it may take longer than a month.




8. Cathedral Stars for DGD#1


This quilt is all cut out and many of the components are made. I started it in a class with Bonnie Hunter. It’s not my usual colors, but this is what this DGD likes. I’ve used the same colors in other quilts for her. Last year they bought her a queen size bed, so now she needs another quilt. This one should be fun to do as the stars are one of my favorites.

9.Marti Michell’s purple and green medallion quilt – King, of course


This quilt has very little finished. I diagrammed it up to a size to fit our bed. It started as a kit for a queen, and the seller sent me more fabric to enlarge it. When I moved into this house (4 months before DH), I thought I should be able to finish this quilt for our new bed. Silly me, I was working full time, which included some overtime, and I was unpacking a mountain of stuff and trying to find room for all of it. I cut part of this out, made a few 9-patches, then packed it away.   I’ve since accumulated more of the fabric that goes with this wreath, so I will probably change my design. I don’t “love” this fabric, but it will be a fast way to finally have a king quilt on our bed, and one I won’t mind using. I’m planning on trying a wool batting with it.

10. Christmas feathered star and wall quilt. No picture for these. They are two almost done projects made out of the same fabric. The wall hanging I started in a class, and the Disappearing 9 patch just needs borders. The usual excuses for not finishing these.

11. Aunt Cora’s test quilt, large size


The lower part of this picture is the Aunt Cora’s test quilt. Someone on Stashbusters wanted people to try her pattern. There is one more striped border and then 4 pieced corners made for this. It stalled because of the math of making that inner border fit the outer corners, and mitering the stripes. I sewed the pictured ones by hand. Now I will just ask DH to figure it out for me (engineer type). The top of the page was some Chinese Coins I was making into a Heartstrings quilt (charity). If you don’t know about Heartstrings, you can find it here.

12. Judy Martin’s Celebration – long twin


I started this quilt last December (09). You can read about it here. Many of the components are finished. I need to add a bit of yellow or something to brighten it up. All the blues, greens, purples mush together too much. This one I could probably finish in a month or less.




13. Old and New Dresden plate


I’ve bought many old Dresden plate blocks at antique / flea markets, eBay and the like. I decided I wanted a modern setting, so have decided to make a back of these soft colors, then applique the plates in the form of flowers. I’ve seen this done on several blogs, and I really like the idea. It’s not really a UFO, but just something I want to make this year now that I’ve gathered all the parts. I plan to work on it in the months I finish the project early.


I’ve also accumulated about 20+ other UFOs of my own, then have ones from eBay, and from my grandmother. There’s plenty to do this year, and I will be joining Stashbusters UFO Challenge this year as well. These will really add to my 50 quilts from Stash (before buying any fabric). Please forgive my math on the previous post. I thought I put 6 on that post, ,but only did five. You know quilters . . . .

Happy Quilting, Becky


Helen in the UK said…
Good luck with your UFO challenges - I'll be watching to see you getting them done!!
Alycia said…
Those are great UFO's - I love the celebration one!!

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