Design wall Monday 12/7/09

What was I thinking last week? Where was my mind? I thought I could finish a Judy Martin pattern quicker than I could make Judy L's Freeze Frame??? The photo on the left is of the now UFO pieces for Celebration. I finished all the strip sets, and 200 of the 300 4 patches, but finally said Whoa! Too much!! I started Freeze frame on Saturday, worked a little bit on Sunday, I just need to make about 30 more border blocks, and then put all the borders on. I'm making a few extra blocks so I can put in wider center borders and outer borders to make the quilt a little bigger.

I did make it down the street to the quilting machine yesterday. I quilted this quick Stashbuster quilt made for DGD#2. Her mother (DD) said she needed a soft, easy to wash "blanket" for her big bed. This one is from fabric left over from DD's wedding quilt, and all the "ladybug" fabric used in DGDs room. I backed it with very soft Minkee, and used a very thin batting inside. I used the new giant templates - waves- again, and I'm so pleased with how quick they are to use, and the quilting looks good!
I also quilted a charity quilt with the same templates to turn into guild tomorrow. I need to find the binding I made and put it on so someone else can finish it up. The fabric for the border of the red quilt is in the dryer after a wash in Retayne. Time to get busy.
Happy Quilting,

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Quilter Kathy said…
You have been very busy!
Love the freeze frame that's developing!
Kare said…
WOW, you sure have been busy. The quilting looks like giant rick rack!
Myra said…
Wonderful design wall display! Thanks for sharing! 8-)
Bonnie said…
You go girl. The black and red and white is great. I am contemplating using that color scheme for a New Years Eve Mystery. Don't know if I will or not -- Part of the reason I would is I have a huge hunk of fabric in those colors that I could use as the backing. Pitiful isn't it? I pick fabrics so I can have a back that I don't have to piece! Ah well. Keep up the sewing. It's all good! B.
Miri said…
Looks like you've been busy!...Looking good!!

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