Design wall Monday 11/30/09

The holiday has taken a toll on the design wall. The king-size of last week is down for "security reasons", and we are off in another direction. I finished the red, black, and white quilt top that I posted about last week. It, along with others, is waiting for a turn at the long-arm machine. Last Friday, I did indeed have a sew-in for the grands and cousins. The first picture is of them with their pillowcases. The length of the picture does not show that 3 of them made the second pillowcase for body pillows. This was a full day/evening adventure, and they were very proud of their accomplishments. Note the color of the pillowcases on the far left (she's not asleep, I just can't take good pictures). This is the Gniece this quilt top was being made for. The pillowcases were made to match the colors in her room! I asked a lot of questions, and ended up finding out that she doesn't like pink, her sister likes pink. I just wish I could keep the two of them straight! Now I need to make a non-pink quilt! That's the reason for this week's design wall - a pattern called Celebration from Judy Martin's Scraps book. The colors are poor in the top right picture; they should be closer to the ones in the pillowcases. I've debated back and forth between this pattern and JudyL's Freeze Frame, but decided this one would be quicker. I really want to make the Freeze Frame, but I am running out of time.
Time Sponges My time has been taken up by this little imp, DGD#2. My DD's school football team had an undefeated season, so went Saturday to St. Louis for the State Finals. DSIL isn't that great at babysitting his own child, so she came here on Saturday overnight until Sunday afternoon. Then today I took her and her mother up to the hospital so little one could have ear-tubes inserted. She's spending the day here as DD is very sick, but still needs to show up for at least part of the day at school to finish up the newspaper (she teaches it). They were waiting on the results of state - they lost. She had no business going to St. Louis as sick as she was, but that's what journalism teachers do to help students with the photography. She rented a huge camera / lens to photograph with in the Dome - nothing they had at school would work there. She also chaperoned the cheer leaders. Back to DDG#2 - she will be here again Thursday and Friday as she has eye surgery scheduled on Thursday, again early in the am. DD's not working those days, but needs my support. Santa's workshop is really running late with all this happening. I have visions of quilts without binding being given for Christmas presents!
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