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Judy L http://www.patchworktimes.com/ is hosting looks on people's design walls, and if I can figure out the link process, I think I'll play along. I don't know how blogger is going to display these pictures, so I guess I'll just wing the descriptions. The picture that I think will be the top left one is a picture of my right design wall. It holds a vertical row of lone star blocks, that I thought I was going to use in the corners of a secret project. When I brought out the fabric that goes with it, I decided that 12" blocks weren't large enough, so yesterday I started on 17" rolling star blocks - the top right picture, I think. Talk about set-in seams! I think only the last 4 triangles were sewn on edge to edge, the rest of the seams, after making the diamond star points, were all single seams with back stitching at both ends. It is a good thing I really like making 45 degree diamond blocks. I only need 4 total of rolling stars for my secret project.
The rest of the right design wall is covered with Stashbusters Ugly Fabric Challenge blocks. Today we should receive a link for the next 2 blocks. It is a long-term (9 month) project. I actually took these down last night when I found an empty drawer large enough to lay these blocks flat.
On the left design wall, for the last several months, I've been looking at Kim's quilt - a grandniece. You may have seen it when I posted it for border help. I have the ability to procrastinate for long periods of time when it comes to adding final borders.
The second left picture is really of a small table in the room with Jay in NE's string quilt on it. It is awaiting binding, which I have at least cut. I'm improving on finishing up binding, but still can procrastinate them as well as borders.
My real reason for procrastinating is the ongoing eye surgery. Three weeks ago when I had the left eye's lens implant changed out, I had a vitreous leak, so that eye remains somewhat blurry. This afternoon is surgery to fix that, and it shouldn't be any big deal. It will be nice to not have to shut one eye to see things clearly. I've figured out my temporary bifocals - I wear my regular glasses that were made to go with the Restor lenses I had removed, and I put a pair of half glasses (reading) on over them. I actually see a lot better with both glasses than if I change glasses. It really helps for sewing and reading. It does, however, look a little strange. My DH just walked by in his robe, with his Ipod ear things in, and his magnifying visor with lights on his head. (He's working on his little bitty engines for the railroad http://www.sandcrr.com/ .) I chuckled a little bit and asked if I could take his picture. He said only if he could take one of me with two pair of glasses on. I passed on the picture taking.
So that's what I'm working on, simple things (blocks) that I can handle until my vision stabilizes. I really looking forward to that.
Happy Quilting,


Kare said…
I am still laughing about the two of you - the way you described your husband reminded me of Randy Quaid in the Chevy Chase Movie Christmas Vacation when he was outside draining something into Clark's drain sewer.
Judy Laquidara said…
I wing it a lot too! Looks like things worked just great. Sorry about your eye!! Love the projects you're working on. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
JuJu said…
Oh that was a giggle!!! Seems you are doing well with all the eye repair. I'm happy for you! Enjoyed your design wall too!
Petey said…
Thank you for sharing your design wall and giving me a morning chuckle. Love your area...was there for MQS...it is so country/city, a perfect blend. Hope the eye improves fast. So frustrating when you have 'work' to do!

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