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Help with Layout , please

I'm not sure how blogger will put these, but let's call the far left one - A, then b, c, d, as they go down. I could use some help deciding on a layout for these blocks. They are happy blocks with train fabric in the middle, and the border fabric is also trains. There is a border for the bottom, I just couldn't reach it very well. It's a donation quilt for the V&T symposium - a group trying to rebuild the Virgina and Truckee Railroad, but they also are friends of the Nevada State Railroad Museum. We go in a couple of weeks, so I need to get this one finished. I can't decide on a layout. If you would leave a comment on which one you like best, I would appreciate it. It is easier to see now that they are in small pictures, so I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
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What design wall????

If you are expecting to read a quilting post here, now is the time to move on to another blog. I haven't been in the hobby / quilting room for about 2 weeks. I'm writing this posting to "journal" about the work we've been doing mainly on property that doesn't belong to us.
Our Back Yard
This is the view of our back yard looking west from near the east edge of our property. We have been here about 4 years; we were the first house on the cul-de-sac. The back "yard" was awash with mud and the hillside oozing down on us. We've put in all this "landscaping" for water control, and because I like flowers. The two retaining walls have flowerbeds that are my arm's length wide, so I can play with flowers while standing up, since I can't reach the ground anymore.

This was the west side of our property during a rain storm, after we put in our landscaping. The developer did a lot of grading after this picture was taken, but the "gu…

What's on my design wall 9/14/09

I'm working (slowly it seems) on putting together the Cabin in the Woods to use up all the flannel left from the Big Star Buffalo quilt. On the other design wall are some happy blocks I'm using as leaders / enders. They have train fabric in the center. Every October there is a meeting of the friends of the Nevada State Railroad Museum. I usually go with my DH about every other year. They have a silent auction at the symposium - donations from members - usually railroad related items. I thought I would donate the Happy Block quilt (if I finish it in time). The group is trying to rebuild the V&T (Virgina & Truckee) railroad from Virginia City to Carson City. It is now open to Mound House. DH is a speaker again this year, but we will have to make time to ride the railroad, and visit quilt shops, as well as attend the symposium. I don't think Carson City has any, but we fly in and out of Reno, and I know of some quilt shops there.
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Triangle labels, Stashbuster syle

A Stashbuster member asked me to put some pictures up on how I made my labels. This is NOT my idea - someone else came up with this quick way to do labels.
#1 - I use Word to make the label to print on "Miracle fabric sheets". I start 5" down from the top of the page. As I add information, I make the lines shorter, and centered, so they will fit into a triangle.
#2 - After printing the label on fabric, heat-setting, rinsing, drying and ironing the label, I fold it in half.

#3 - I use a 6" bias square and line it up on the fold, then rotary cut it on both sides.
#4 - You end up with a triangle of fabric 2 layers thick with the fold at the top.
#5 - Put the label in the corner of the quilt you want to label, and sew it in with the binding. You can slip-stitch the top down if you want. Some people suggest adding some pieces of the quilt fabric underneath the flap before sewing it down - to have some for repairs if needed.

Thanks to whoever first wrote about this method…

Big Star Buffalo Quilt delivered

We returned last night (early this morning) from visiting friends in Coeur d'Alene. The picture above is when we were out on the boat in the lake. It was so beautiful. The weather was overcast, which allowed me to take lots of pictures to use as examples of landscape colors in toned colors. It also made it very comfortable (temperature-wise), and it didn't increase my sunburn.
I delivered the big star buffalo quilt to our friends, Chris and Patty. Chris said he moved to Idaho so he could have a buffalo ranch, but right now the only buffalo are in the various decorations around their house. Maybe someday. They both loved the quilt. We are holding it over the edge of the loft in their home, where you can spend the day just enjoying the view from the living room, as most of the two outside walls are huge glass windows.
A few people have asked for directions for the Big Star, so I think I will do a tutorial, but not for a few days. Instead of a brief flight from Spokan…