Working on HeartStrings quilts

I finished this quilt top - flimsy - so thought I could start on the Red-White-Blue (RWB) Chinese coins that were sent to me from HeartStrings members as part of the RWB project from Memorial Day to July 4th. I received quite a stack, and was eager to dig in.

One "squishy" was from May, and she made two sets of coins that were very similar, and tied them up with a selvage and a label - the only reason I know who sent this bunch.I used a template my DH made for me, and trimmed the coins, then added HSTs to the edges to make a square. This is the block made of 4 strips.

I should have counted better, because I ended up with only 11 blocks, and I needed 12. Rather than try to "match" strips to make a 12th block, I decided to make a star block instead. I have a habit on including a star in every quilt I make, even if it is on the back side. I asked a friend to embroider a block (she does awesome machine embroidery) but she didn't have time now, and her machine was put away, so I found an appropriate center from a panel called Old Glory. It looks like a soldier, so I thought it worked. I thought I had a picture loaded of it, but I don't know where blogger puts them all. Anyway, the next picture is of the center top.
I tried making a border from the cut off corners, a square on point, but it just died when I put it next to the center. I decided to use some of the other coin strips as the border, so this is how it looks now. I will put a small inner border in so I won't be trying to press under all those seams.
Well, I definitely need more practice on blogger so I can learn to wrap text around the pictures, and how to move the pictures on a page. The font also keeps reverting back to the default. If anyone has a tutorial on blogger and pictures, I certainly would appreciate a link.

Anyway, this is the progress on the RWB coins, so far. More later. Becky in KCMO


Babs said…
WOW! That looks amazing! I saw Coin quilts online but they were just long strands. You have a great eye!
very cool, Becky. Look forward to seeing what you do with all of our "coins". Talented, talented.
Doing a blog can take time, as I've discovered. But, it's fun, too.
Helen in the UK said…
Your coin quilt looks stunning! Love the little soldier in the star block - very fitting. So pleased you've started a blog and we can follow your progress because you are so talented :)
Helen in the UK
(fellow HeartStringer)
Nann said…
I really like the quilt design!
I'm still a novice blogger, but have found that the tabs for "manage your post/settings/layout" have some useful advice. Blogging appears to be flexible once one gets the hang of it.
cher said…
this came out so great Becky! way to go...
Mary said…
Both quilts are looking great - I love the piano key border and the setting of the coins quilt.
when you figure out word wrap let me know!! LOL--blogging is fun, and we love to see what you've been doing.

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