Using my Christmas Gift - Go Big!

My DH has watched me struggle to "cut" things with my Accuquilt Go - it seems really hard to crank. I try to cut with it when DGDs are here, but they are "onto" my scheme. For Christmas DH bought me an Accuquilt Go Big - the electric model. Using it is wonderful.

My Sister-in-law is expecting a new great grandson. We collaborated on a quilt, my version of "Baby's Picture Frame" an old pattern from Trudie Hughes. (A variation of a Courthouse steps log cabin.) It uses a lot of 1-1/2" strips. It took me about 10 minutes to cut the strips (most of that time spent in pressing the fabrics). I was able to use the Go strip cutter again to cut the strip sets. I used Minkee on the back for the cuddle factor. I do, however HATE working with its slickness, especially when applying binding. It is finished, and in the hands of my niece - the soon to be new grandmother.

Happy Quilting,
Becky in KCMO


Bonnie said…
Luckily, I have no issues with use the Go. I don't have a problem using it other then forgetting to or making a quilt that I don't have the right size dies for. I bought a 9" cube but find I don't use most of the dies -- eventually I'll make another quilt that specifically use the dies in the cube. But, that multiple triangle one is a God send!

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