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I stopped blogging awhile back - too much other stuff to do. I was Ways and Means Chair for my Guild for 2 years, then helped finish up stuff, taught 4H, sewed with the GrandGirls, etc.
The youngest Granddaughter is working on the one on the left - Mrs. Chillingsworth. We together made the one on the right several years ago. She only sewed a bit on it. The new one she is doing all the sewing - Gma just cuts and pins. She hopes to make Mrs. the same size and Mr. She's started on the next border of squares that will follow another black border on this medallion quilt.
I've been working on this and that. A very young man shared his cold with me and I'm of an age where that sidelines me for a while. My friend JoAnne did the main piecing on a bargello heart for us to donate to Friends United for their 30th Anniversary dinner and auction. I finished the border, quilted and applied binding. JoAnne shared the leftover bargello strips with me so I made two pillows (so far) to go with the quilt. It will be auctioned Saturday, Nov 4th at Royals Stadium.
It is quilted with a digital pattern called Fusion, done with IQ. It really gives the quilt a lot of movement.
Happy Quilting, 
Becky in KCMO (Kansas City, Missouri)


Stitchified said…
I love that your granddaughter quilts with you, and that you're passing down those skills to a new generation. She's clearly very talented, just like her grandma. Hope you feel better soon!
LOVE that quilting pattern!! Haven't seen it before and wonder if they have a paper version.

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