Design wall Monday and other stuff

Finally, something new on the design wall. I found this pattern on the web and decided to play with a fat quarter pack from Robert Kaufman. There are also a few disappearing pinwheels in the churn dash pattern – I just can’t stop making those.

Most of the last several weeks have been spent working on kitchen cabinets at my sister / brother in law’s new home. It is a foreclosure and needs a lot of work. I do like working with wood, so I am refinishing all the kitchen cabinets. The face frames are all finished – they could start using them Sunday. I finished the drawers last night – I brought them home so I could work on them here. They started as dark as the inside of the deep one.
Now to tackle the 27 cabinet doors. I’ve started sanding the finish off a few, but am stripping the curved parts to maintain their shape. I did buy an attachment for the Mouse to get into small parts, so I may go back to sanding even the curves. It is a slow process either way.
I also finished these “boxes” for DH’s railroad. They go on the face frame and hold waybills.
Last item is the estate sale doll bed that I refinished. I will use it at the guild quilt show boutique to display doll quilts for sale. It fits my DGDs’ American girl dolls. It holds two dolls at a time. I want to make a single one as well – just to play with some wood.

My hands are complaining, so hope to finish soon and return to quilting. I do love, however, working with wood.
Happy Quilting,


Rebecca Grace said…
Wow -- you sound busy on all fronts! My husband keeps sending me links to foreclosures on the market and telling me what a great deal they are, but in my head I'm adding up the cost of replacing missing appliances and fixtures, etc., that the previous owners ripped out before they left. Your sister is very lucky you're able to help them with the cabinets, as that's a BIG job!
Kath said…
It's doing what you love that
makes you happy and it looks like you are doing a great job!
Marly said…
I hope your hands are better now. I too like working with wood, and think you've done a terrific job on those kitchen drawers.
I like the blocks you've made, and would like to see how you used them.

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