New use for a Scrap Squad quilt

Remember this quilt that I had so many problems making?

I even had trouble with the quilting because I used both a cotton and a wool batting. It ended up really thick and it doesn’t drape well. I had to block it to remove the “C” cups in the center of the star.

Enter the polar vortex. My chair is near the fireplace. We had such a cold draft coming in I put an extra outdoor thermometer there and it measured 42 degrees F. at the bottom vents. I took a quilt and wedge it up against the bottom vents, but later realized it was coming in the top vents, the door, the sides, etc.  I finally convinced DH that we had to do something and he looked it up on the net. We ordered a balloon for the flue and some magnetic vent covers. Magnetic? It sparked a thought – I hang quilts with magnets.

We measured the fireplace and I began searching for an appropriate size quilt, preferably one that already had a hanging sleeve on it. Viola! A nice, thick quilt that had been blocked to lie flat – against the fireplace doors.

Perfect fit!

Happy Quilting,


Carla said…
Genius! Surfed this post 'cuz i surf just about anything with scrap in it. But the fireplace cover is the idea I will use right away. Asked hubby to build me a standing quilt rack to put in front of the fireplace to keep out the draft. Let's just say it is a work in progress. In the meantime, this is something I can do!

How do you hang your quilts by magnets? The magnets I have don't seem like they are strong enough to hold a quilt up, so I may just use a curtain rod. I have enough of a lip in the surrounding granite.

Thanks so much for the inspiration!
Becky said…
Go to home Depot and buy rare earth magnets. Not the cheapest kind there. I have 3 on the quilt and it holds just fine.
Carla said…
Went to Harbor Freight and picked up rare earth magnets. I have ideas how to hang quilt on fireplace and am going to retreat this weekend where I will make a quilt for the fireplace. How to you hang your quilts with magnets otherwise?
So lovely! :)
Greetings from Finland!
Hugs, Ulla

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