Kaffe is Star Struck

I somehow managed to not blog about my 5th finish for Scrap Squad, a quilt I really like as I finally found luminosity.

This is from Carolyn McCormick’s pattern Star Struck, which appeared in Quiltmaker in Oct-Nov, I believe.

DH made acrylic templates for it down in the shop as the star points and even the central “diamond” were unusual shapes for which no commercial templates are available. I’m so fortunate that he can do this for me.

I quilted this one using the Circle Lord frame and a spiral circle, not my usual long boards. This way I was able to center the spiral in each diamond. I picked yellow thread (Superior So Fine, with Bottom Line pre-wound bobbins) for all the quilting, but have mixed feelings about how it shows on the black as I had starts and stops that I, at first, was not good at hiding. I did improve on this.

On a side note, my quilting friend, JoAnne, who made these quiltJoAnne feathered stars
JoAnne finished second Glacier starhad a house fire the night before Thanksgiving. She had smoke and water damage in her quilting room which included her machines, fabric, large collection of embroidery thread, myriad accessories and a stack of finished and nearly finished quilts and blocks. There was smoke in several quilts hung in her living room and hallway, including one that had hung in the Houston show. They have been able to reclaim most of the quilts (ozone treatment) and I soaked and re-ironed the feathered star top, above left. The good news is that there is insurance, but it involves a lot of decision-making about all the replacement items. I would not like to start over again from scratch. Thankfully her Bali Wedding Star and second Glacier star were both out to long-arm quilters.

You might want to take pictures of your quilty space, just in case you need a memory jog if you ever have to list the contents. Open drawers, doors, etc. and take lots of pictures and store them off site. If you are into embroidery, you might want to keep track of all the software kept in your computer in case a fire hose or wet ceiling falls in on it. Just saying. . . .

Happy Quilting,


Becky, I can't believe I missed this one on Quilty Pleasures also! This quilt was not the easiest, but the results are SO worth it!

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