Design wall Monday 1-13-14

This is my final Scrap Squad project, back from my wonderful friend Linda Kriesel, who took pity on me and quilted this huge thing on her 14’ long arm. I love the panto – Bountiful Feathers, designed by Hermione Agee for Lorien Quilting. I managed to trim it on Sunday, and am working on the 550” of binding. I used a Quilters Dream wool batting so we might be able to turn over when sleeping under it. That may never happen, but at least we will have a “bedspread” for when guests are here.
On the design wall next to the piecing machines is this memory quilt I’m making for a friend. I’ve used it as a leader / ender all year and now it is time to put it together. The shirts are a poly blend, so I have to press it when the iron is turned down so it’s a bit of a PITA. I hope to have it ready for the quilting machine soon. It will have to be a freehand pattern so I can avoid buttons and pockets and such. I was going to include the front of some overalls, but they were just too heavy with the metal buttons, pockets and fasteners.

On the design wall behind Black Bart are some blocks I’m playing with. Did you see the Disappearing Pinwheel videos from Missouri Star Quilt Co.? I was downstairs trying to decide what to take to guild (leftovers from the Boutique at our quilt show) and happened upon the floral HSTs. I brought some upstairs in sets of 4 to play with and work up a bit of a lesson on contrast. (I don’t make or use HSTs where the bias is on the outside like in the video – I’m not good at controlling it).

The purple’s are great; so are the first two to the right of the purples. Then, although I love the fabrics in these HSTs, there is no contrast. I tried ripping them apart and used a lavender the same color/value as the lighter flowers in the black background fabric, with still a muddy pinwheel in the center, although up close it looks like a rush of flowers up the middle. The final one has enough contrast, but it does show how a big print doesn't work very well for this concept.

I love how you could make a churn dash so easily with this method. I made these after the first video and didn’t realize I had them turned “wrong” until the second video appeared. Now I’m cutting up some older fabric into squares to make into HSTs. I working for high contrast.

Happy Quilting,


Dar said…
Your huge quilt looks wonderful from the back. I like that panto. Also enjoyed seeing your pinwheel blocks for MO Star. That would make a good RSC 2014 this year. hmmmm.
Lorna McMahon said…
Your awaiting binding quilt is sweet! But I was attracted to your design wall blocks. Love the pattern you chose. It almost has that apple core feel to it!

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