Design wall Monday Sept. 2, 2013

Glacier Star is drying in the dining room – there’s no room to walk when the Styrofoam boards are up. It started as 93 x 93 prior to quilting, now it is about 87”. It has both a wool and cotton batting, and I put it in the washer for a hand wash cycle to rinse out the glue stick and to wet it thoroughly. DH and I pulled and measured and pulled some more, and I finally had to say “enough”. I will measure today after it is dry, and begin the process of trimming, stabilizing the edge and then binding the monstrosity. I would like to take it to guild next week; it will hang in the guild quilt show later in September.
It was quilted by Angela Walters. She put in an enormous amount of extremely gorgeous quilting. Here are some teaser photos for you. after it is bound I’ll take some “glamour shots”.
On my design wall is the beginning of my next Scrap Squad project. I’m finally cutting into the pieces of Rowan fabrics I’ve been gathering for a couple of years.

I’ve been rearranging them every time I go in the room. I think I still need to move some more. It’s amazing what a picture on the screen tells you. I didn’t realize there was so much yellow / gold in these fabrics. They don’t look those colors close up. They will have a black background, so they should pop.

Happy Quilting,


Bonnie said…
Omg. The quilt and the quilting is gorgeous. Do you actually do the wetting and stretching for all quilts? And how will you stabilize the edge? I was looking at taking a class with a Judy certified teacher but realized I wouldn't be able to make several of the classes and decided against it. Bummer. I'm trying to remember if this was one of Judy's (do I even have the right name?) great quilt.
Kath said…
hello Becky, I was very interested in your description of blocking your quilt. This is something I have never tried. One reason is that washing machines in England are too small for quilts and another, is that this is a rather damp country and I can see a quilt taking weeks to dry out.
But I see that this is a valuable step and I'm having a think about how I could do it.
Vivian said…
Oh my!!! That is a beautiful quilt. I am sure it was a whole lot of work. You should be very proud of it.
Nicole said…
Oh Becky! Your quilt is stunning, and what a treat to have it quilted by Angela Walters. She and I are buddies and we will be rooming together this year at Machine Quilters Expo in October, I can't wait to chill with her again and now we will have something to talk about!! Yet another quilty connection. I love it! :D
Rhonda said…
I love your quilt. The colors are striking and the quilting really adds to the quilt itself. I know you are proud of this one!!

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