Design wall Monday

My latest scrap squad project will be posted Friday.
I pulled some really old fabrics from when the local quilt store was first open (now deceased).
the starting fabrics
When I was finished with the top, I sewed all the leftovers into the backing. I first sewed all the scraps together, but there were not enough of them to make much. I cut apart the remaining panel, and used strips of scraps and such to bring them up to about 16”. I then joined them with fabrics I had pulled but not used on the front, and made it big enough for a backing. I love what happened with the triangles! I was a bit worried about  how it would quilt, but it just wasn’t a problem. Here’s the back – you can see the front on Friday on the Quilty Pleasures blog. Right now the link will take to you the wonderful Christmas quilt made from the same pattern.
The top bulk is the hanging sleeve, just pinned on.
Happy Quilting,


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