Design wall Monday 4-1-13 Red is a neutral

If you’ve read Freddy Moran’s book, you know that all reds go together as they are all neutrals. That’s what is on my design wall – leftovers of red, black, white, and grey quilts.

I’m working on emptying this drawer of diamonds that I cut from 1-3/4” strips left from my daughter's wedding quilt.
I added some of the newer fabrics when I filled out the set of pieces for 6” LeMoyne stars.

I also have 4-patches left from the wedding quilt of 4 red squares, and the string blocks made from the Christmas left-overs and another of these red drawers.
What’s on your design wall? Judy has a lot of windows open today. This one is for design walls. (I goofed earlier)
Happy Quilting,


Mary said…
Congrats on being on the Scrap Squad. I've Tested for 100 Blocks, so I know the feeling of waiting to 'show' my projects. The Scrap Squad sounds a bit more challenging. Way to use all those leftover scraps!
Kate said…
Gorgeous blocks! Are they all going in one quilt or several?
Gari in AL said…
It look to me that several of us are using up leftovers these days. I think they make really great and unusual quilts while we walk down memory lane. ;-)
Barb in Mi said…
Beautiful stars! And from leftovers -wow!

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