Picking colors for second Scrap Squad project

We’ve received our next project, and I am having a bit of trouble deciding on colors. I’m enlarging the project enough to make a quilt of valor if it doesn’t morph to something else.
Blues: Since I used a lot of shaded blues last time, I’ve picked, according to Joen Wolfrom’s Color Guide, pure blues this time. The bottom, lightest, slightly greyed blue will be a consistent background this time. The bright blue with the grey stars is actually the center of a border print, which I won’t be using.

This is about 15+ years old, one of the first fabrics I bought, and have yet to use. Whoever heard of frogs leaping for freedom? I have a great niece who was into frogs, and I thought (wrongly) that she would like this fabric for a pillowcase. NO!

Reds: I pulled orange reds this time. The red in the first one on the right isn't very orange, but the gold stars in it make you think it is. This is a nice, safe group of reds. A little too safe, known as boring.

I decided to pull some gold, bordering on orange yellow, or yellow orange, and they brighten up the mix. I could go for this. If you enlarge the picture, the bottom right figure on the color guide shows the blue as a complement to the orange reds through the yellows. It’s still a bit safe and traditional. 
I pulled some more pieces with more orange and yellow in them. The yellow on the right and the orange above really don’t play well. That yellow looks green next to the others. I like the figured fabric in the middle, with both yellow and red orange in it as well as black. It will give the black every quilt needs if I can find a place for it.

So these are my “final” choices – Will I be brave enough to use them all? Forward we go!
Happy Quilting,


Kath said…
OOh Becky I wish I had cupboards like yours!!
Anne Wiens said…
Be brave, Becky! :0)
Anonymous said…
Yep - I like these colors!

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