Design wall Monday 2-25-13

Alternating blocks! Who said they have to be boring? These are 3 choices I've come up with. Please realize the pieces are just sitting there, not sewn.

The other blocks have a lot of the white with black and red and white in them. The first one here is the recommended one. DH calls it “somber”. #2 would use up some alternated centers I tried but decided not to use. The third one would be pointed stars, not the blunted pieces you see. I know you don’t know how the other block will look, but which one appeals to you? I’d show you the other block, but it is a scrap squad secret project.

Last Friday Aunt Marti’s Majestic Garden was posted on the Quilty Pleasures Blog. Please visit!! Hers is different from everyone else’s.

Today I have been married 7 whole years. Life is good!
Happy Quilting,


Sandie said…
Without knowing what the other blocks look like it is hard to give an opinion, but if I could only use one of the choices, I would use the one that creates the stars, option (3)... To be honest though my first thought is to use both (3) and (2).
Julianne said…
It is hard to say with out seeing the other block..but I like #2
Bonnie said…
Hum, number one lacks contrast and viewed from a distance it would look like one piece of fabric. Three stands out as a STAR. High contrast. Two is interesting not quite as in your face. I would think the star would be what I'd pick....depending on the rest of the quilt.

Love the reds. Still.

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