New Projects

It’s January – usually my time for working on Charity projects until I can get my act together to plan a new project – but wait – I already have one, no two! Both have a lot of blue! I see stars in my future. Who am I kidding, I always make stars, just look at my header.

I’d better clean up this place so I can begin. I need to clean off the table, and the design wall. Don’t you just hate it when your body doesn't cooperate with your plans! Kleenex, fluids, and breathing treatments are part of the setup. I've learned to rip and press while using the blue thing, but I haven’t tried actually running the sewing machine at the same time – I value my fingers too much!
cleaning for new project2
I guess I need to clean the machine, too. I don’t neglect this part, I’ve been sewing fluffy polyester and it builds up quick.
I’ve installed my DH’s Christmas present. I showed him a picture of the thread holder butterflies, but said it was too expensive. That was months ago. Isn’t he wonderful to remember? (I know, I’m spoiled.)

I have good news. After reading about Bonnie’s adventures with the Scrap Squad, when Quiltmaker asked for volunteers, I did, and I was chosen! That means I have to actually finish – as in quilted and binding on –  6 quilts this year. My personal goal is to make them all without buying any fabric, at least for those projects. Can I meet these goals?
Happy quilting,


Bonnie said…
Woot! Woot! Congratulations on being selected for the 2013 Scrap Squad. You will get 6 quilts done this year! Just remember you can make smaller quilts then the size given in the magazine. You go gal. I see also you are getting the spam comments. I've been going in and deleting them. I usually get an email notifying me of the posting. So I click on the posts name and go and permently remove it. What an annoyance.

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