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Monday, November 25, 2013

Design wall Monday for JoAnne

JoAnne feathered star
JoAnne’s beautiful feathered star from a Judy Niemeyer pattern. It glows!!

I’m still working on secret scrap squad projects, so no post from me. I will be finished with scrap squad in January, so I promise more blogging next year.

Happy Quilting,


Friday, October 25, 2013

A gorgeous Scrap Squad Quilt

Gorgeous quilt alert!! Please go on over to Quilty Pleasures blog to read about Gina’s fall quilt of stars. It is so beautiful. Take time to admire the quilting as shown on the back. Oh, I wish I could do as well. Maybe when I grow up (says the old lady of the scrap squad).
Oh, my, until I just looked at the thumbnail I didn’t realize how careful she was with color placement. Look at the great secondary diamonds.
Way to go, Gina.
Happy Quilting,

Friday, October 18, 2013

On Eagle’s Wings

I’ve been so busy, today I’m just veg'ing. After our Quilt show I went to the AQS show in Des Moines. I came home on Friday and the following Tuesday I was the substitute speaker at my local quilt guild. 

In order to show quilts that I’ve made, I spent the weekend traveling to my son’s, my stepson’s, my nephew’s and my friends’ homes to pick up quilts I’d made and given them so I could show them at guild. I also did a lot of washing of quilts that weekend. I have allergy problems with pet dander so needed to get rid of it. Also, the first big quilt I made had been vomited on, and my DDIL couldn’t get the smell out. I soaked it overnight in the “Recipe for Stink Removal”, then had to wash it in Synthrapol as the burgundy fabric I used nearly 20 years ago still bleeds. I took 8 laundry baskets of quilts (thank you DH for carrying so much stuff) because I make large quilts for beds.

After Guild was finished and DH was off to Nevada, I started a labor of love. A dear niece had such an awful cancer that she was having radical, radical surgery on the 14th. I thought she should have a comfort quilt.

When we were vacationing in Colorado, I ordered a kit from a vendor at the quilt show we found in Montrose. It finally came, and I couldn’t seem to cut the fabric right to get all the pieces out of the kit. After pulling everything I could out of my stash I still couldn’t come up with a piece of jade marble that matched the panel. I finally found some at our local quilt shop, then some came that I ordered on the net.

I had this idea that the rays coming off the center of the quilt should be filled with messages of hope and comfort, so had another niece post on a private Facebook group to gather them. Was that ever a tear-jerking experience.

I wanted a soft backing, was at Costco and they had wonderful soft fleece-type blankets cheaper than I could buy backing. This was my first major mistake!! This blanket stretched BOTH ways.

I loaded Black Bart, did the math and started with SID and the rays. Every time I laid a ruler on it, it would stretch. After 4 hours I almost stopped and was ready to rip it out, but remembered a class I just took at AQS, and stopped floating the top and pinned the bottom of the top to the roller. It made it much more stable.

I finished all the rays on each advance, then started “writing” in all the messages. Some were Bible verses of comfort. I wrote in 2 verses of “On Eagle’s Wings” as well as the refrain in the center brown border. I knew it wouldn’t lay flat with this backing, so I stopped worrying and just finished it.
2013-10-16 12.00.23
My DDIL and I delivered it to my niece the second day after her 14 hour surgery. When I gave it to her I warned her that is would make us all cry. I cried many a tear quilting it. She loved it, and it’s many messages. Here’s a close up of one spot.
2013-10-16 12.00.35closeup writing
I added hearts when I needed a little fill. I should have quilted them in the empty rays, but it was more important to finish it and deliver it.
2013-10-16 13.52.10
I think it was comforting, but I hope I never have the need to make one of these again.

On to happier quilting!
(Aunt) Becky

Monday, October 7, 2013

Quilt show–greater Kansas City Guild

I was in charge of the small quilts. They all sold, and made over $1000 for the Shriners’ Hospital Fund, our chosen charity for this year.
These next pictures are ones I took of just a few of the quilts. We had over 100 quilts in the show. There are some winners in here, I suspect, but they won’t be announced until tomorrow’s guild meeting. The opportunity quilt winner will be drawn as well.
There were many more beautiful quilts there. The stage was full on ones made from Kansas City Star patterns. The Hawaiian one is all hand done, quilting and everything. We have some outstanding quilters in our guild.
Happy Quilting,

Monday, September 23, 2013

DSW 9/23/13

My Glacier Star is finished, ready for this weekend’s quilt show. It’s hanging in the living room now until taking it down on Thursday to turn in as I don’t want any wrinkles. Never again will I try a black Susie’s Magic Binding on black background fabric. I really have a hard time seeing black now, even in the daytime. I used DH’s visor magnifier to sew the corners closed. Enough talking –here are some pictures – a little dark so you can see Angela Walters’s wonderful quilting.

center feathers

Center star

Happy Quilting,

Monday, September 16, 2013

DWM 9-16-2013

I’m working on the Scrap Squad project, making a comfort quilt for a niece, binding my Glacier Star for the quilt show, setting up the small quilt data base, pricing, and hanging the small quilts for next week, came down with a crappy virus . . . so sometimes you just need to play a  little bit.

I bought this set of 2-1/2” squares, the polka dots and the Halloween words in Nebraska. I sewed the squares together one night, cut out the twister pieces the next night, then quilted it the next.
halloween twister closeup
You wind up with a LOT or seam allowances that don’t want to stay flat, so I quilted it in the ditch with some opaline Madeira Thread I bought years ago on my first Paducah AQS trip. I changed to the black with sparkles color of the same thread to outline the words, connecting them with straight lines trying to resemble spider webs.

This pattern works best with lots of contrast between blocks. Using the pre-cuts, I didn’t have much contrast as there are way too many mediums. I was trying to keep the greens away from the edges so they wouldn’t totally disappear. It was fun for a quick sew. DGD#1 is wanting some small quilts, so this may be her Halloween quilt, or I might just hang it here.

I’m making black binding for the Glacier star this week, so will use the leftovers to finish this.
Happy Quilting,

Monday, September 9, 2013

JoAnne’s Design Wall Monday

JoAnne finished the top of her king-size Glacier star. She took the snowflake pattern and made additional blocks to surround the queen Glacier Star. She replaced the usual center with one of the dark snowflake blocks. This is for her oldest son and his family – if she can bear to part with it after quilting.
JoAnne finished second Glacier star

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quiltmaker Rocks the Blocks

It’s so great being a member of this year’s Scrap Squad for Quiltmaker magazine. Last Friday, my baby quilt rendition of Western Waltz was posted on the Quilty pleasures blog.

Today, they are kicking off a campaign for the new magazine of quilts made from the 100 Blocks series. I’m enjoying watching the videos of the editors giving instructions and ideas about some of the blocks included in the new issue. Head on over there and leave a comment to be included in the drawing for 25 free issues of the magazine.
QMMS 130035 cover 500 QM Rocks the Blocks! Giveaways!

Happy Quilting,

Monday, September 2, 2013

Design wall Monday Sept. 2, 2013

Glacier Star is drying in the dining room – there’s no room to walk when the Styrofoam boards are up. It started as 93 x 93 prior to quilting, now it is about 87”. It has both a wool and cotton batting, and I put it in the washer for a hand wash cycle to rinse out the glue stick and to wet it thoroughly. DH and I pulled and measured and pulled some more, and I finally had to say “enough”. I will measure today after it is dry, and begin the process of trimming, stabilizing the edge and then binding the monstrosity. I would like to take it to guild next week; it will hang in the guild quilt show later in September.
It was quilted by Angela Walters. She put in an enormous amount of extremely gorgeous quilting. Here are some teaser photos for you. after it is bound I’ll take some “glamour shots”.
On my design wall is the beginning of my next Scrap Squad project. I’m finally cutting into the pieces of Rowan fabrics I’ve been gathering for a couple of years.

I’ve been rearranging them every time I go in the room. I think I still need to move some more. It’s amazing what a picture on the screen tells you. I didn’t realize there was so much yellow / gold in these fabrics. They don’t look those colors close up. They will have a black background, so they should pop.

Happy Quilting,

Monday, August 26, 2013

Design wall Monday

My latest scrap squad project will be posted Friday.
I pulled some really old fabrics from when the local quilt store was first open (now deceased).
the starting fabrics
When I was finished with the top, I sewed all the leftovers into the backing. I first sewed all the scraps together, but there were not enough of them to make much. I cut apart the remaining panel, and used strips of scraps and such to bring them up to about 16”. I then joined them with fabrics I had pulled but not used on the front, and made it big enough for a backing. I love what happened with the triangles! I was a bit worried about  how it would quilt, but it just wasn’t a problem. Here’s the back – you can see the front on Friday on the Quilty Pleasures blog. Right now the link will take to you the wonderful Christmas quilt made from the same pattern.
The top bulk is the hanging sleeve, just pinned on.
Happy Quilting,

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finishing vacation

Our final train trip this time IMG_2694IMG_2695IMG_2696IMG_2700IMG_2701IMG_2704IMG_2707IMG_2717IMG_2724was in Leadville, CO, one of the highest places to live. I didn’t have as much trouble breathing here, I think I was becoming acclimated. Our train ride included an area that had a forest fire last year, and erosion. I was amazed at the tenacity of the trees even when their roots we so exposed. I loved the wild flowers as well. The old freight station was appropriately labeled with a quilt block!
Leadville has a really old Opera House that we visited, but it still needs a lot of reclamation work. There is an antique mall in a very old Hardware Store that is intriguing. It still has all the old drawers, shelves and ladders that were part of every hardware store ages ago.
The only quilt store in Leadville is a vintage store. There’s no place to buy the latest fabrics there. This store – I forgot to take a picture – had old quilt tops, fabrics, embroidery, thimbles, sewing items – the list goes on and on. DH found something there and I bought a silver thimble that fits – a rare find for me.
Our last stop was Golden, CO. On the way into town we stopped by the Quiltmaker offices and checked out the gallery. These were quilts made from some of the patterns in one of the 100 Blocks series. Two quilts were made by fellow Scrap Squad members, Marti and Colette.
Even though we were there at lunch time, 3 editors from Quiltmaker were nice enough to come out and say hello. Did I remember to have my picture taken with them? No. You can see them if you watch the Block making instructions on the Quiltmaker website.

The last day DH and I split up. I went to downtown Golden to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and to go quilt store shopping. I also wandered the river walk and again wanted to ride one of those tubes down Cripple Creek (I think that’s what runs there). DH went to the Railroad Museum and met up with another railroader. I forgot to take pictures of the quilt store, and I’m not sure if I can post pictures taken inside the Museum.
This picture is of my haul BEFORE I went to the Golden quilt shop. I found Kaffe Fassett fabrics there and did some stocking up on his stripes.  What a great vacation. My suitcase weighed in at 49 pounds, but my backpack had another 15+. I made it home safe and sound, stash intact.
I hope you made time for a vacation this summer. It was a wonderful break from the usual!