Panel quilt guild challenge

The guild has a challenge to make a quilt out of a panel. I had something different in mind, but this is what I could finish. It is a Quilt of Valor that will be going to a Viet Nam vet – way past time for them to be honored.

The second picture is an open journal cover that DGD2 and I made for a gift for her mother. She’s drawn the P’s on it with permanent marker since she didn’t ask soon enough to piece one in. These are scraps from DD’s wedding quilt and DGD’s baby quilts.

See more design walls at Judy’s site.
Happy Quilting,


Jill said…
Your panel quilt looks great. I'm sure the Vietnam Vet who gets it will feel your appreciation for all they did.
Dar said…
Your QOV quilt is very nice. I agree that it is way passed time to recognize their contributions to our country. You did a nice job on the quilt.
~Shayna~ said…
I love that QOV you made! Is there a pattern for this or did you just figure out all the measurements yourself? I have a hard time getting things to fit together without a pattern so I have a panel sitting on my sewing table I haven't started trying to use because I failed so horribly the last time I tried to make a quilt with one!

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