DWM–December 31,2012

Hello kitty RWB
hello kitty 2
For Christmas gifts for DGD#2, I played with a lot of Hello Kitty fabric. Afterwards, I had all these scraps. I also had a plastic drawer of red, white, grey and black strings that were too narrow or too short to make regular string blocks. I decided to make them up in 5” string blocks, and worked until I only had a few strings (I thought) left. Then I started making the braids with the last ones. I have a drawer of other blocks I've made with this mess of fabric, so these will probably go back in there until I want to play with all of them. Right now these look like good border blocks. The 4-patches are leader-ender blocks for a Bonnie Hunter quilt started long ago.

Memory quiltFor my standing time, I’m cutting up some shirts and overalls to make a Memorial Quilt. You get quite a bit of fabric from one shirt! It will be a simple uneven rail fence.

Happy quilting from snowy Kansas City, MO.


Kath said…
Happy new year Becky! no snow here in England, just wet. I look forward to seeing what you make in 2013.
Bonnie said…
Those blacks, reds, greys and white make me want to do something in those colors. Um, sorry, I really don't need to start anything new!

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