2012 Donation totals

On Heartstrings (HS), a topic has been where have your donation quilts gone this year. I’ve gone back through my blog, and these are my totals:

2 completed tops from a HS quilted and sent to Las Vegas for the opening of the VA hospital there.

3 tops that I finished and enlarged, also sent for VA

4 strippy quilt tops finished and quilted to gift through Guild

1 panel quilt quilted for Guild

2 Quilts of Valor made completely – piecing and quilting – one for Returning Warriors in KS, one for Viet Nam vet.

That’s my 12 donation quilts for the year, my goal – 12 for 2012.

Happy Quilting,


Mary said…
You did great! I think one donation per month is pretty impressive.
Bonnie said…
YEAH! I need to follow your example...

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