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Monday, October 8, 2012

Design wall Monday 10-08-12

Winding Ways quilts – I just love them. Nancy MacDonald has such an easy way to do these, including the Medallion Set for this Halloween quilt. I cut out two when I made the first one, and now am just getting around to making the second one for the second DGK house. I was getting into a drawer for something, and the bag was just there. Good timing for a Halloween quilt.
medallion halloween quilt outside
The skeletons on the green and the faces on the pumpkins glow in the dark if you “charge” them with some bright light for a few minutes. They glow under black light as well. I quilted a green spiderweb over the finished one – I hope I can do that again.

I went to the AQS show in Des Moines last week. There are such wonderful quilters out there. The friend I went with commented that we may have started long-arm quilting too late in life to do such beautiful work. She may be right.
Happy Quilting,


Michelle said...

That is SO cute! I haven't worked up the nerve to tackle Winding Ways yet, even though I've got a die for it.

Dar said...

Those are so cute. My first template that I bought years ago at Paducah was a Winding Ways -- but I've never used it. May have to find it and try it out. What is the final size of these quilts.