Design Wall Monday, but not my work

Since this was a rest week from vacation, I didn’t do any sewing for myself. I did, however, help my friend load a quilt and quilt it on Black Bart. She does an exceptional job of machine embroidery, and these giraffes are simply adorable. She used a plush fabric for the back, and I love how the quilting shows on it. We used Superior So Fine for the top, and Bottom Line in the bobbin, both white. It just disappears into the applique as it was a plush fabric as well. We used the Circle Lord Cosmos boards on it.

Happy Quilting,Becky


Kath said…
This pattern is so lovely, it reminded me of dandelion heads. The darks really make this quilt.

I would love to know what the pattern is called, or if I could buy the pattern?
Linda said…
The applique' is adorable and I really like the quilt pattern. Your friend did a great job!
Sue Daurio said…
those giraffes are just wayyyyyy too cute! I love the quilt pattern. Just perfect for that quilt. And yes the bottom line sinks in so wonderfully doesn't! Beautiful.

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