Just Beachy–final? layout, almost, maybe

I can’t seem to include all of this layout in the picture. I’m leaning back over Black Bart as far as my back will bend (not far), but this is close.  I see one sashing I need to turn around near the black background large one – it will be lost when it is seamed. I already fixed the 3rd from the left top sashing so the light doesn’t blend into the light. The white around the large blocks will disappear when the seams are sewn. I could turn / rearrange these blocks forever. These colors aren't quite true tonight, but close. 

I had a rare day for this summer without DGKs that allowed me to make and trim 75 4-patches and put this up today. School starts here next Wednesday, but I’m pretty busy until September with all the dentist, doctor, etc. that comes around. Just Beachy will probably be up on the design wall for a while.  I hope you are having some fun as our summer draws to an end, but not the end of heat – 102F today in Kansas City, MO.
Happy Quilting,


Kath said…
just 57'F here in damp old England.

This quilt is wonderful, what a lot f work went into it, I cannot begin to imagine how many hours you spent.
I love the colours and the cheerful design, you're sure to have sweet dreams under this one!
Nann said…
It was almost chilly here in Chicagoland today -- low 70's and rain!

I really like Just Beachy. The squiggles are so energetic! Good for you to revive it -- and this time you'll get it done!
Quilter Kathy said…
It looks amazing! So full of life! Isn't it cool how you can see things on the camera that you can't see with your eyes?!
Kathy said…
I love the playful look of it! You must have put so much work into it...looks great!
Laurie said…
This is beautiful. So colorful. I'd love to have one but I don't think I want to do all that applique!

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