Miscounting, UGH!

IMG_1366Don’t you just hate it when you miscount blocks?? The night before last, I finished what I thought was 80+ string blocks. I put them in stacks like in this picture. I went to the computer, opened EQ7, and tried out different designs using up to 80 blocks. I had some small pieces of fabric left, but not much.

Yesterday evening when I started sewing again, I decided to recount those stacks, making sure I only needed a few more blocks for my design. I only counted 71. How could I have miscounted that much? I checked the other stacks, looked around on the table, on the cutting table, and then decided to just start making more.

I had enough foundations cut to make another 9 blocks, to bring it up to the 80 I needed, so I started in. I finished up the cut foundations, doing a lot of joining of small crumbs to make up the blocks. I added a few pieces of fabric from another 20-30’s UFO, but the last block I made had 27 pieces.These are the last 4 I made. You can see how much piecing was needed to make enough fabric for these blocks.




I counted, I had 80, then I looked up and this is what I saw! Now I have 91 blocks to play with. When I was taking down the blocks to count them the first time, I hadn’t moved the table enough to reach these last blocks, but had counted them. Obviously I missed counting them the second time through the stacks.

Here’s hoping your math is better than mine, or at least your eyes look up instead of just on the sewing tables.

Happy Quilting,



Cheryl Willis said…
too funny, a happy way to get a larger beautiful scrappy quilt top!

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