Design Wall Monday 7/23/12

The string blocks are finished to flimsy (top) stage. The inner border of yellow print is an eBay find, followed by the same aqua solid that forms part of the blocks. I cut it 5" wide, but I don't know if I will leave it that wide. That much solid leaves a lot of room for quilting, and that isn't my strong suit.

I pulled a practice top, an apple core top of 30's fabrics (originals) that I'm going to load on Black Bart. I think I will practice doing various freehand fills, and see if DH can help me adjust the machine so the wheels move easier. Someone on the Nolting group described a problem like I have, so we will see if the same fix will work.


Happy Quilting,



Pattilou said…
I love string quilts and your scrappy strings in this setting is great. Good luck on getting Black Bart running smoother!

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