Design wall Monday 7/2/2012

The last few days I have been working on taking the scraps from the pile and making them into the string block parts on the right.This fabric is from a quilt top I disassembled that was in my grandmother’s things when my mother passed them on to me in 1998.

blocks 2

This picture is of some of the original blocks and the center fabric. These strings were originally sewn on newspaper, by hand, and Grandma had tried to put them together on her treadle machine by sewing around the square center without stopping. Before I received the top, someone had washed it and it all fell apart. I’m using the same fabrics plus some from an eBay buy of the same vintage. I know from the bits of paper still attached when I took it apart that it was started in the 1920’s, and was still being worked on during WWII.

I don’t know how big it will be, or how it will be set. I’m just making blocks until the stack of fabrics is gone.

Happy Quilting,



scraphappy said…
What a treasure. How great that a UFO from the 1920s will finally be turned into a real quilt. What great memories it will hold.
carol fun said…
Wow! What a gem you have here --holding history in your hands!! That is so cool.
Betty Lou said…
What an heirloom your are recreating. Your grandmother would be so proud to know that you are finishing her quilt. I had read that they used to string quilt on newspaper but never seen one. Be sure to post your progress.
Teresaquilts said…
I love it, great use of scraps.
marcella said…
Wow. I am so impressed with your patience at making this quilt. It's looking lovely.
Quilter Kathy said…
What an amazing heirloom that you can save with your TLC!

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