Design wall Monday 4/16/12

flying geese cut out

My biggest accomplishment these past 2 weeks was cutting out the bazillion flying geese needed for the extensions on the Glacier Star. I’m using 24 fabrics in them, and cut out 12 triangles of each fabric. Then I cut out the “sky” pieces for all of them. After I did that, I decided I really wanted to see what it would look like with the darker background ( one in the left picture) for the first set of geese. I only had scraps of it left from the center part, so ended up cutting some of these pieces out individually to get enough of them. I finished the first 4 arcs of these.



glacier star extension start

This is the start of the corner extension. They are just pinned up there. I love the look of all the different colors in the fan. I think I like the darker background on the geese, although the geese don’t stand out as much as they would with the lighter background of the previous row of geese. I was afraid that fabric would just disappear in the light outer fabric. I think I will make the next group of geese with the mid-range sky, and see if I like it better. There are 4 extra arcs in the pattern so I will have enough to play, other than cutting more geese!

I hope you have survived the storms, and are enjoying the sun out today as it is here in Blue Springs, MO, outside Kansas City. Visit Judy’s blog to see other design walls in progress.

Happy Quilting,



Chris said…
Fabulous quilt. It looks scary to me it is so complex :)
Sue Daurio said…
WOWWWW! LOVE the colors, that is going to be so amazing. I could stare at that all day.
Dar said…
OMG!!! Girl, you are just unreal to tackle all those flying geese --but the quilt is spectacular. I love it!!! Is it your pattern or another? I get to Blue Springs about once a year. Maybe we should meet up sometime and you could teach me how to do this!!! Beautiful.
Bonnie said…
WoW! That is stunning and I agree with Chris -- it looks scary. But you will definitely have a lifetime achievement quilt when done. Amazing!
Lizzie P said…
Am astounded by this fabulous quilt - well done!

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