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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quilting makes the quilt

Thanks for the nice comments about my QOV – plain, simple, instead of boring. I’m always amazed at the difference quilting makes. There is a book by Lee Cleland of this title, and I’m always amazed at the difference.


I put the lime green binding on this quilt at retreat, and received many oohs and ahs about it, nearly all about the quilting. The texture certainly changes the plainness. I had just about enough fabric left for a pillowcase. So, my adventure into modern quilting wasn’t a waste of time, it just shows that quilting is much more than just piecing.

I had a good time at retreat, but was also ready to come home. I missed my tall cutting table more than anything else. I bought a layer cake of some fun fabrics and made the blocks for one of those funny four patches that has the you tube video about it. The blocks didn’t turn out exactly square, so I will need to fix that. I just can’t make myself fudge that much. I also need to put them on a design wall so the colors are sorted around. Without one they seem to bunch up.

I’m also on a mission to finish using up all the extra fabrics from my DD’s wedding quilt, made in 2003. I cut a lot of small diamonds from left over 1 3/4” strips, so I made a few star blocks. I made a Carpenter’s block that was just 12”. I think it would be easier to make it by hand. Someone else made one that was an entire quilt top. I think my next one will have bigger diamonds!

Happy Quilting,



Melinda said...

The quilting really "makes" that quilt. The quilt design is nice but with the quilting it is wonderful. Good job.

Diane Wagner said...

The quilting really does change the look of a "flat" quilt top into a quilt of beauty. You did a really nice job on this quilt.

Lori said...

You're so right--the quilting made the quilt. Someone will be very happy when they get this quilt. (I'd miss my cutting table too)

Karen said...

Very pretty quilt. I love the quilting.

Joni said...

You are so right. The quilting does make this a more interesting quilt. I have hesitate in the past to make a plain quilt. Now I realize that if I do, I just have to make an effort to make the quilting interesting.

P.S. when we go on retreat, we bring items to raise the tables -- bed risers you can buy at the store -or- PVC pipe cut by a member -or- #10 cans -- all work well.

Alycia said...

Love the quilting - of course I kinda like the quilt too!! I don't think it boring....