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Monday, February 20, 2012

Design was Monday 2-20-12

I used a pattern out of a modern quilt book and pieced this top for a QOV. DH said it was dull (he knows better than to say ugly), I’m thinking boring. There’s 2 more rows over the back side of Black Bart. I have the wave Circle Lord templates on Bart, but I’m thinking this will need spirals to become un-boring. I would have started last night, but couldn’t find any backing in the stash for it. I’ll go by Linda’s house today and she thinks she has something that will work. I have a bunch of backings, but the only one to work with these colors is a cream piece, and we’ve been warned away from that with QOV. I guess I need to make a trip to FabriQuilt (it’s here in Kansas City) and pick up a bolt of generic backing for QOV. I did have a large bright blue piece that I usually use on them, but it wouldn’t go with this soft turquoise.  It’s a little large for QOV – should end up about 70 x 90 before quilting, but the Kansas ones are for a returning group, so maybe someone can use it at home. I couldn’t leave off a row because of needing odd numbers for the pattern. I can finish binding it at retreat and someone there is taking them on to the pick-up point for the March assembly for these fine soldiers.

I’m off to retreat on Thursday morning, as a day camper, through Sunday afternoon. I’m taking lots of stuff that doesn’t need much concentration. I hope I get one set of blocks to flimsy stage, but who knows. I hope there is table space to cut borders this year. I don’t do floors.

Happy Quilting,



Bonnie said...

I like your top but I know what you mean by, yawn, boring. You probably will find that the quilting will spice it up.

OOOh I love a retreat. Have lots of fun! And, I'm sure we'll see some great pictures next Monday.

Karen Smith said...

I love the colors. The pattern is simple not boring, and I fully agree with Bonnie that some great quilting will bring it to life. Are you doing the quilting yourself or sending it to a volunteer longarmer?

Amy said...

I like your colors and the pattern, I think it will make someone happy!

Lori said...

yes, I think spirals will give it enough movement the boring part will be gone. Spirals are just fun for your eye and fingers to follow.