I was sewing along, putting on binding, and kept hearing something bump. I reset the bobbin, and finally looked at the back of the machine. The green thread had fallen over on the power strip, so I set it back some, and sewed some more. It kept bumping, and I finally investigated. While the fly wheel (I think that’s what it’s called) was still on, I was pulling out the thread that was wrapped around until it broke. Then DH popped the cover off the wheel, and I was trying to cut and pull out thread, and it still wasn’t coming out very well. There is a large screw holding the wheel to the drive shaft – or whatever that’s called – and he gingerly tried  turning it – it worked – and the wheel came off. This is what it looked like when he took it off. That cone of green thread (Superior Sew Fine) had been nearly full. I usually use that thread on the Black Bart (longarm), but it matched the previous binding. Strong thread - it never broke until I  pulled too hard trying to remove it. Moral: Don’t set the thread you just used behind the machine, and then bind a big quilt that goes all over the table, knocking the thread over. What a mess.

At this point is was easy to pull it all out. DH put it back together, and all is well. I just thought you would enjoy this picture. I hope your day is going better than mine!

Happy Quilting,



Mary said…
Looks like you need a thread stand like Leah Day is recommending over at the 365 Free Motion Quilting Blog. Nice to have a handy man in your house to FIX it!
LuAnn said…
I've also seen people put their thread in a baby food jar to keep it under control. My cutting mat somehow got under my presser foot, and the needle stuck in it. We couldn't fix mine, so it is off at the repairman. Glad you were able to recover yours!
Cheryl Willis said…
you know how quilting/sewing things happen and we thing 'I have done that!' Well, you are on your own with this one--lol
I would be happy to send you a thread holder so you don't have to use a jar. Email me your snail mail.
I'll get you fixed up right quick like- cw
Michelle said…
Oh, no! I would've been absolutely hysterical, thinking I'd killed my machine.
Helen in the UK said…
Glad you were able to sort it ... what a tangle :)

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