Design wall (machine) Monday–1-29-12


These are part of what I’ve done this week. The “Shirts and Pants” quilt that I bordered, and a Strippy with Diego are finished. My DGD#2 was here all week (sick) and she told me that Diego was definitely a boy quilt, not a girl quilt.

I have a love affair with spiral quilting. I did it on all three of these. I was going to do a pantograph on the bottom one, but after I started I didn’t like it so ripped it out and used the spirals. This bottom quilt was one of the 42 x 72 strippys that I decided to add borders to bring it out to a better size. There really is light brown and green in the main print. I had a hard time coming up with border fabric for it out of my stash. I hope to trim and bind it later today.

I have 2 more tops ready to load on Black Bart. They are fun ones – red, black, and white. I resewed seams and added borders to one, the other only needed pressing as I will leave it kid size. I have one more that I pulled to work on. It needs all the seams resewn and then a border added. There’s still a few days left in January to meet my goal of 10 charity quilts. February will be back to the paper piecing Glacial Star.

Happy Quilting,



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