Design wall Monday 12-19-11


Just a really quick post today as I need to move to the quilting machine.

I thank everyone for the encouraging comments about the star quilt. I failed to mention that this is a component class, and all but one set of components are finished, all are cut out. I did take the suggestions to add more of the blue, and I’m incorporating them into the flying geese border that is still in progress. I pulled out the pattern piece for the center star, and may replace that, but paper piecing is hard to rip out without the paper still on without stretching, and I’d hate to stretch the center star. I added the one side of the feathers in the top picture, and liked the quilt better as the darker background toned down the “warmness” of the center border. I will finish this quilt, but after Christmas and some wood finishing.

Second photo is of the pieced backing for the bottom left quilt. The next photo is closer to the true color – this quilt has lots of pink. The bottom pictures are the two tops awaiting quilting (starts today). I love them both, and I will hate to see them go, but they are for a really neat project. As previously explained, they are for a friend (a very, very dear friend) to give her DIL. I asked for a story for the quilt label, and this is what she sent.

“I always wanted a daughter and now I have one.  From the first dinner I hoped to let her know that I would love her no matter what.  At the beginning, because Steve did and now because I do, love her no matter what.  I never expected to always agree, but hoped we would always be able to talk things out.  Of course the one thing I missed was her growing up years.  The quilt gave me an opportunity to see what she liked and did in those years.  Now she is a wonderful mother and wife (don’t let anyone say different), so I hope this quilt shows how much she means to all of us.”

Off to the quilting machine.

Happy Quilting, and a Merry Christmas to all!



Mary said…
Happy Quilting! Nice label that will be on a family treasure.
Bonnie said…
Wow -- what a great mother-in-law your friend must be. I still like that star quilt... Have a happy holiday season.

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