Some quilting finishes instead of pieces on the design wall for Monday 11-14-11

IMGP3013 This one ( the one that was being bound last time) is gone and sold. I took it over to DN(ephew)’s house to meet with the other SILs that were putting on the gala. I was told that they would make really great Christmas gifts. This one was auctioned Saturday night last with a ceramic duck centerpiece. I don’t know the going price.

The large queen quilt went for $325 – a steal – but it went to SIL’s sister, one of the people responsible for putting the sale on, so it was okay with me.
IMGP3016 IMGP3017
IMGP3018 The two above are the latest that I quilted Sunday. They are both Quilts for Kids. The one on the right was the kit, the left one was some odd pieces I was trying to use up – the animals were fussy cut from left over linear pieces that were used for a border on something else. I actually loaded them both at the same time by sewing the two backings together since they were almost the same size. I used the Circle Lord wave templates because everything else was angular. Sew fine blue on top with Bottom Line in the bobbin. I certainly have my best results this that combination, or using a Fil-Tec bobbin. Heirloom batting.

Yesterday I had Grandma duty – above and beyond – I took DGD2 to a birthday party at a place that had trampolines, inflatables, etc. Did I mention the screaming kids? DD was overseeing picture taking at a high School football game – playoffs.

After the game, DD called and said she was working with another instructor on the costumes for the musical – Beauty and Beast- that they need for dress rehearsal on Monday. The shipment had been lost in transit, and only part of it arrived. They promise the rest on Monday. I not sure just how, but I ended up at the school, with sewing machine, etc, fitting costumes and taking pieces off other costumes to fix the ones that were rented. Belle’s ballroom gown had been altered so much it was unreal. We ended up tucking the top of it into the skirt (did I mention it was huge and our Belle is about a size 3, and tall?), and using part of another dress for the bodice. DD with help fashioned the “fru-fru” for the neckline from the bustle of another costume. I took another costume and added black lace to the sleeves and hem, and it will be used instead of the Mexican festival dress that was sent for the the library scene. I still need to finish up making a pinafore that Belle wears in the first scene where she is shopping. The one that came with the rental was another Mexican festival costume. It was interesting to see the work and interaction of teachers, their family members, cast members and their parents. Everyone was working for a cause. I’m off now to finish the pinafore and add 6 inches to a huge skirt ruffle for another character. The show must go on!!


Denise :) said…
Nice Becky--you've got some great finishes under your belt! Isn't Grandma Duty fun? It's my favorite! Have a great week! :)
Quilter Kathy said…
You have been so busy and productive!
Heather said…
I think you deserve an award! Above and beyond, for sure. ;o)

Your quilts are just beautiful!
Alycia said…
Go Gramma to the rescue!!! I love it. Love the quilts quilted too!
Bonnie said…
Ah -- nice Quilts for Kids quilts. I've always gotten basic 4 patch and a patch style from them. I finally sent the last two I had and the 2 extra I made to them this week. Sigh. Nice to have space to pile up more quilts.

Good for you on the costume assistance. Sounds like you might have saved the day.

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