Another donation nearly finished

I finished up this UFO – another “dead quilter’s UFO”. It was also donated to Friends United, with one block finished, some strip sets, and the muslin. The quilter had started the muslin pieces, but they were cut wrong, probably why this was set aside. Years ago I had plenty of this country blue with white pin dots.

I used the circle lord feathered wreath to do the center, then free-handed the wavy lines, following an idea in a book. I was petrified about doing the border. I wanted to do feathers, but I didn’t think for my second time I would want to do them where each stitch would show.  I didn’t have any thread to match the border fabric. I used Cream So Fine in the center, and a dark taupe on the borders. The “plan” is to group with some other items for a table cover as it is only about 40” square. I’m off now to do the binding.

Happy Quilting,



Bonnie said…
Your quilting looks fabulous. I especially like the figure 8's on the borders. Did you turn your quilt? Free hand? I need to practice some more. I'm much better on some of my pantos and decided recently I can try one or two that I think are really exposed. We'll see how those go.

Great quilting.

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