Design wall Monday 9-19-2011

I’m having an attack of ADD. I have too many projects in process. I kinda like it that way!


This is the first project. It needs to be finished ASAP as it is supposed to be auctioned Friday. This was a top donated to my SIL’s foundation, Friends’ United. They provide teaching instruction for teachers and supplies for students in Honduras.

This project was a challenge! It started with the backing made out of 3 pieces of the blue fabric. It was sewn together by hand, the shrunken selvages still attached. I sewed them again on my DSM, then trimmed the selvages.  I loaded it, and it was nice and square on Black Bart. Then I started to load the top. It was a very friendly top. The blue border was “gathered” in, and one side was 4” longer than the other side. It had cornerstones that had a cut out corner for the white border. I ended up removing all 4 blue borders and the cornerstones, measuring them by the center of the quilt, then reapplied them. There was enough length that I used just straight cornerstones – no cut-outs needed. I quilted it with Circle Lord Spirals as the quilting is only about 1” apart, and this quilt was made by hand, with small seam allowances. I wanted a LOT of quilting. I still have to bind it, but I think I can now finish it in time.


I finished up this block, except for the center. It will be part of a “garden” quilt made with real 30’s dresden plate blocks, and other circles. I bought the templates for this from Material Obsession in AU, and just had to try them. This top isn’t too high on the finish list.

I still have the blocks on the right on the wall. I really need to put them together and finish that quilt up. It needs to be done by Christmas.


These are the cut-out colored parts of a Hole in the Barn Door top. I did buy some white on white to finish them as I had none. This project was cut when I was cutting the blocks for my friend’s quilt. I’m remaking a pink quilt my grandma made me – same pattern. She used “used” white in it, and it wore out very quickly. I need to find some more pinks as I’m only making one block out of each fabric, and all read pink – even the ones with the black backgrounds have a lot of pink.


I had a shoebox of these 1-1/2” strips that I cleaned out of a friend’s scraps. I’ve loved Mary’s (of spiderweb and had to try it. This is the trial block, and I decided the yellow didn’t read light, so for the rest of the blocks I used the yellow as a dark, alternating with the lights. I made 20 blocks, and double pinwheel cornerstones. It’s ready to sash and put it IMG_0934








I’m using these blocks as leader-enders. They were cut with the pink blocks still on the wall.

The last thing is these pictures on fabric of trains on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, the V&T. They need items for auction at the seminar in two weeks (ugh!), so I plan to make a wall hanging out of them. I’ll probably be binding it on the plane.

So, this is what is on my design wall, Black Bart, the tables, etc. By the way, I can’t seem to change what Blogger is doing with the photos.

Happy quilting,



LuAnn said…
It all looks great to me! I can relate to the ADD. I can't seem to focus today. It's rainy so I'll just blame it on the weather. I like those blocks made from the 30s. I have a big bag of 1 1/2" 30s strips, and the other day I pulled them out and just made strip sets. I can't wait to see how your garden quilt turns out.
Connie said…
My gosh you have a lot of great things going on! The trains on the fabric look neat!
Michelle said…
That round block is spectacular!
Bonnie said…
Wow you have an amazing variety of projects going on now.

Blogger sometimes makes me so insane as I like to specifically place my pictures with words. Sometimes if I move something too much it just freezes the pics. Bummer. Do you want me to send you some more bright pinks? I've got some hanging around here! LOL .

Where is the Virginia and Truckee railroad located. I'm thinking California because if it were Virginia and you were coming out here I'd know about it! Happy travels. B.
kwiltnkats said…
It is nice to be busy. Did you get your 1st project done? I wish I could share my stash pinks with you. I'm making a pink stash quilt right now and have a bunch left that would fit right in with your need.
I too have Blogger problems with pictures. Until you mentioned it I thought it was just me...your comment made me feel so much better that it wasn't just me :) Sandi

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