Design wall Monday July 18, 2011


I’m creating monsters at my house. Every time I go to the quilt room, someone comes along and wants to make her own quilt. The 6-year-old DGD asked me if she was old enough to learn how to sew – Yep, it’s time. The one in the picture is 4 – almost 5 – and she found a baggie of HSTs, and decided that they needed to go in this quilt!

This is the quilt I planned on making “modern style” – just surrounded squares with a small bit of sashing. BORING! Bonnie S left a comment that the star really helped this quilt, then I got carried away. I found a circle cutter that I didn’t remember, then watched a video on how to use it, and just had to try it.  I love the one with the coke bottle in a 4 patch, and stars in circles. Then the zebra, elephant, cats  - okay, then let’s fracture a few blocks. I have the book Thinking outside the block on the table beside me, and just have to try a little bit. The clarinet didn’t stand out in a regular square, so that’s the first one I tried fracturing. Then I decided just using squares, triangles, circles and diamonds was boring, so I fussy-cut some Dresden plate clarinets, etc. The most important thing is I’m having FUN  in the quilting room, and I was afraid that was never going to happen again.

I hope you are having a fun day for yourself. I’m off to see Harry Potter……  See more design walls at Judy Ls.

Happy Quilting,



Connie said…
What a great bunch of blocks and sewers! I like the one with the Coke emblem on it too.
Mary said…
cute little future Quilter there with the Dimples! That's nice of you to share your design wall with her and the other Monsters in your house. It's fun to get their opinions. Keep on, you'll finish this quilt yet.

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