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The last two weekends it has been spring. No so in between. Yesterday I spotted these daffodils trying to bloom. I have been working in the yard (flower beds) during the good days. No sewing. Saturday my daughter came to help. It was a good thing. I was working in the sun, even though it was only in the 50s, and I managed to have one of those heat exhaustion things. I was taking rest breaks; I was drinking water. Evidently not enough. I will have to look up side effects of the new meds they gave me. Yesterday (Sunday) it was 82 degrees. I drank 4 times as much as the day before, only stayed out 2-3 hours, and did okay.

Today is the above right picture. The rain has finally stopped, and a bit of blue is trying to come into view, but it is windy and 42. My muscles say it is a rest day. DGD#2 is here, with a cold, and wanting to go outside. No, nobody goes out today. Wednesday, the next she is here, it is supposed to be warm and sunny, so maybe I will be able to clean out these flowerbeds. They need more dirt and compost this year.


I did try working on this quilt. It is quite old. When I was pressing it to get it ready for the quilting machine, it bled onto my ironing board cover. I also managed to distort the edges quite a bit. Against my better judgment I washed it in Synthrapol. It removed the bleeding, but now I need to press the seams, again.  I use a hand wash cycle so it didn’t fray but a little. I had cut away all the threads the last time, so I will do it again. The stitches and the workmanship on this top are very good, so it is worth the effort. Some of the fabrics appear to be from the turn of the last century. No one will enjoy it without finishing it, so that’s what I plan to do. I love all the indigos in it.

Happy Quilting,



donna said…
Hi, Becky, I also live in Kansas City, north of the river. I am new to quilting. Started at the beginning of 2010 and just completed my first quilt. It's a queen Disappearing Nine Patch. I am so hooked. I have three more that I am working on now. One is the block of the month from the quilt shop in Smithville, MO.
Have fun gardening, we're cleaning up our yard, too.

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