How to make quoins to stabilize giant templates on a Nolting table


I have had several requests for more information on the quoins DH made for my Nolting 24 Pro composite table (one of the new black ones, hence his name Black Bart). Today he made another set, and I took a few pictures. If you know someone with a table saw, these are easy to make.





First we found a piece of scrap 1/4” plywood. He set the fence at 2” and cut 3 strips about 18-20” long. These are for the piece in the lower part of first picture that holds the template stable 2” out on the table. I put one of these in the center of each section of the templates. I did sand these well so threads don’t catch on them.


Then DH cut 3 rectangles 3-1/2” x 12”. Using a straight edge he drew out the diagonal line on all three of them.





He cut the diagonal freehand and handed the quoins to me. I’m the  “finisher”, so I used this small sander (any sander will work, including just your hand and sandpaper) to remove all the rough edges that occur when using a table saw. I did take time to sand down the tip of that diagonal to about a  3/8” blunt tip to make it easier to push on.

That’s it. The quoins are finished and ready to put on the table. If your reading, LK, this is your set ;o)).

DH was emphatic that he would not go into production. There are too many variables with different tables. I know these will fit LK’s, as our tables are both the same, purchased at the same time, and I owe her for always lending me her Baptist fan templates. If you don’t have a friend or DH with a table saw, you might try the local hardware store. Ours cuts pieces of acrylic into template sizes for me. These seem quite similar, and DH thinks they could be made out of acrylic or Masonite, as well as plywood.

Happy Quilting,



SandyQuilts said…
Thanks for the instructions. I don't have any of those tools and Lowes won't cut. BUT I think I can construct with layers of cardboard. Thanks again.

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