Design wall Monday 3/21/11

These aren’t on my wall, because it was a quilting week, not a piecing week. You’ve seen these quilts before in various stages. Two are finished, one just needs binding.

The “crayon” quilt that I thought I was finished with came back home with me and I’ve quilted it with the swirls templates. The guild president “forgot” about asking someone else to quilt it. It is ready for binding. It needs to be finished for the quilt show the first part of May. I guess I will bind it as well. I did make a label, so I will put it in with the binding, one of the triangle in a corner ones.



I bound the trip around the world quilt, and soaked it in Biz and Oxyclean until all the age spots came out. It lightened up, and the white border now matches the white binding. I love this quilt. Red is a favorite of mine, and I love that these are original 30’s fabrics. Many of them have been reproduced, especially the conversation prints.





I also finished binding this quilt for my friend. Her new granddaughter has arrived, safe and sound, and is being loved and enjoyed by all. Her baby shower is this coming weekend, so she will have this soft quilt to wrap up in. Her grandmother is coming over today to finish up an embroidered and appliqued (fuzzy) animals quilt.

I’ve had the creeping crud from too much time out in the yard (allergies) and a cold as well, so no piecing for me this week or last week. I plan to work on more borders and quilting this week in between working in the yard. Spring is here, and a lot of plants need dividing this year. I mainly have perennials, so they need dividing about every 3 years. I did the iris year before last, now I need to do hostas and daylilies. I was given sod and mulch from a project of my neighbor’s, so I’ve been concentrating on spreading that. My kids (well-grown) came over and helped lay the sod. It was pieces that the landscapers took up to build a berm, so we had to piece it much like a crazy quilt. It has rained on it, and it looks like it will take. I did put black dirt under it to give it a head start. Quilting always has to take a backseat during the spring.

Happy Quilting,



Happy Quilter said…
Love your Trip Around the World--so much work, but worth the effort. Beautiful!
LuAnn said…
Love your quilts especially the crayon quilt. I believe I have a piece of that crayon fabric in my stash so I need to find it. I also love your header quilt. It is striking! I recognized the Judy Martin border. I've done a couple of her quilts and just love her books.
Quilter Kathy said…
My have been busy!
Bonnie said…
Nifty quilts this week. Do you try to alternate by week -- ie one week piecing, one week quilting? I just don't have enough finished quilts to get all that much quilting time although I am now going to start quilting charity baby quilts for my guild. It will help me improve, I'm sure. The antique quilt is "da bomb". B.
Alycia said…
They are all beautiful. Aren;t you glad you were the quilter ( that she forgot to ask?)

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