Design wall Monday 3-7-11



This has been a week of quilting, not piecing. This is an eBay top that I purchased because of the red, and the original 30’s fabric. I quilted it with Baptist fans on Black Bart. The muslin binding is made, just needs to be applied, hopefully today. I will machine sew it all, as my grandmother did with all her quilts. She quilted by hand, but turned her backs to the front and machine stitched them down. This one was a challenge to keep somewhat square as the center was not as large as the borders. I’m trying to learn how to make adjustments, so it was a good practice quilt.


We received the new Circle Lord templates this weekend, so I just had to use them. My friend’s baby is almost due, so I quilted this panel for her with the new template. I love how the back looks. It really doesn’t show much on the front of the quilt, which is just a panel with bunnies on it – the mom loves rabbits.


Please go to Judy’s site to see other design walls.

Happy Quilting,



Chris said…
Beautiful quilts. I love the red too :)
Jo said…
Red is a favorite of mine too and Trip Around the World is a favorite too. You did a win-win...
Alycia said…
Both are great quilts- love the quilting.!
Marti said…
You did a great job with the Around the World, it looks very even in the picture. A great find on ebay too; it looks to be in good condition.

Your new quilt design is beautiful. It looks fun and cheerful.

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