UFO #6 to flimsy

This is the second time I’m trying to post, so we’ll see if it works.


First, the weather report. Blizzard conditions, with blowing and drifting. It is blowing sideways, so the deck on the back stays clean, but the porch in the front drifts. Hopefully it will end so we can be plowed out tomorrow. I told my DH not to have a heart attack, as we wouldn’t be able to get any help here. He agreed not to.


UFO #6 is to a flimsy state. I hope I can quilt it and finish it this month (Feb). My UFO #10 is further along than this was was, so I may be able to do so.

Happy Quilting, Becky


Trish said…
This has turned out so beautiful! I remember reading about your decision on the alternate strips (for want of better description). Love it!!

What a great husband to agree to not have a heart attack right now. :) I am next door in Kansas. Isn't the blowing/drifting weird. DH said parts of the road have just been scrubbed clean (except the ice) and then all of a sudden you drive thru a drift. Keep warm!!
Your quilt looks wonderful, Becky! I love the colors and also your alternate strips. Good luck on getting both this and your next one done also (I am doing the same thing!)

We have been hit with the snow also. It has been blowing so hard here it is hard to judge exactly how much snow we have had and how much is just blowing around.

Keep warm and keep hubby safe!

ANudge said…
I'd seen this before. I still love it!
Cheryl Willis said…
that quilt top is so elegant! what are you planning to quilt on it?
Anonymous said…
Love your quilt! I've heard of Chinese coins but have never seen the greek type strips. This makes it very dramatic. Dar in MO
doni said…
Oooo, I like it. I've never seen a Chinese Coin with pieced sashings - WOW! Great job!

doni @ Oregon coast
Becky I LOVE this Chinese Coins! And, it is good that your DH has decided to be good. 5 years ago - my DH had a heart attack just about the time the Easter Bunny should have been delivering eggs. Not a good time! He too has agreed to be good now.
Deb said…
Wow, that turned out GREAT! I would have never thought of doing that and have been watching the progress. I will have to start getting more creative with my coins!
Nice Job, Becky.
Melanie said…
Love the quilt. You've combined two cultures-Greek and Chinese. LOVE the look. Great job
Bonnie said…
Becky -- hope you are busy quilting and not without power... noticed you haven't posted for several days. I am so glad we moved farther south. Ask me in the summer if I agree though. Your chinese coins/greek key is fabulous. And, yes it is elegant also. Have fun figuring out how to quilt the darn thing! Bonnie
Heather said…
Becky, that is just beautiful! Good luck with the finishing in February. ;o)
Alycia said…
Wow - that turned out beautiful!!
Cheri said…
That is one gorgeous quilt.
sdgodfrey said…
I just love, love, love that chinese coin quilt. It's fantastic!

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