Design wall Monday 2-28-11

This was a weekend of UFO finishes. The fall Chinese coins are finished. I worked on the binding at quilt retreat mid Feb, and found that 2 others were working on the same quilt, but were following the pattern closer than I ever could. I didn’t take another picture of this one. I’ve seen it enough. That is my #6 UFO finished for Judy’s challenge – only a month late.

The next finish was this lap quilt pieced by my friend with CP. I added the border, quilted and bound it. I let her pick from my fat quarter stash, and she picked some of the fabrics I didn’t really want to let go of at the time, but didn’t say anything. It is so much better to seem them finished in a quilt instead of languishing in a bin, hidden away.

The red and white above it is a top I loaded on the LA – someone else’s UFO purchased off eBay. It’s a trip around the world with a lot of turkey red and what we call 30’s fabrics. I’ve seen repros of the fabrics, but these are the real thing. It’s todays quilting project.

This week I joined a small quilt yahoo group – just a lurker as yet. They were having a UFO challenge as well, so I managed to to finish up two little quilts. I had loaded a backing that was longer than needed for the above quilt, so just added the little quilts to the end and quilted away. I was practicing ruler work (need more practice), and figured out how to use the Circle Lord micro feathers template. I also did some freehand, which also needs some practice. I suck at echoing feathers! The sewing lady top was purchased from eBay as well. I liked it, and it was less expensive than finding and buying the fabrics and making it myself.Both will join the little quilts at the top of my design walls.



I did take a picture of my design wall for today. I am making a quilt for my friend’s daughter in law. It will be out of fabrics that represent things she liked to do growing up. I’m just using 8” happy blocks, with a few others thrown in. I’ve made 2 others made with similar ideas, but they were both King size. This will be a large cuddle quilt, suitable for couch use.

The car fabric is funny. I wonder if car shows really had scantly dressed girls showing  the “cars”? She wanted a picture of a convertible, and this was all we could find. It should be a fun project.

How was your week? Ready about others over at Judy Ls.

Happy quilting,



Bonnie said…
Of course the car shows had scantily dressed babes showing the cars. Have you been to one or seen one on tv. Where are the hunks is what I want to know!

You've been a busy gal this week. I've been lazy. But maybe this week I'll get fired up! Lots of great finishes.
Kathie said…
Isn't it great to finish a UFO?
Connie said…
Looks like you have really been busy. Love the quilt with the square wack and stacks.
Vicki said…
Your quilting is great and the echoing feathers is really lovely. I think your quilts are wonderful. I think the car fabrics is funny too. I like to make funny quilts sometimes.
Marti said…
You have gotten so much accomplished! I feel like a sloth. I love the little quilt that looks a bit like a stack & whack. Where did you get the fabric with the little girl in the big hat?
Vivian said…
Love your header quilt. It is spectacular.
Heather said…
Wow! You have a lot going on there. Best of luck with all of your lovely projects! Is the yahoo group CQUSA by any chance? I'm a member there and they're doing a UFO challenge, too. :o)

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