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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Design wall Monday 2-14-11

Design wall Monday, is actually “gather things for quit guild retreat” Monday. Retreat starts on Thursday, and, of course, I need to take about 5 million more things than I will need.


The Chinese coins quilt is quilted, binding machined on, ready for turning by hand. I figure this will be good for when I’m tired of the sewing machine. The middle picture includes 2 UFOs that are my #10 for Judy L’s challenge. I cut all the pieces out, and expect to bring them home ready to be quilted. The third picture is of a quilt of AM’s – the backing is in the dryer, then I hope to put it on the frame and quilt it tonight or tomorrow. Then I can add the binding, and take it along, too, for handwork.


I feel like Ann Champion’s vintage top day with this next picture. This is another UFO from my Grandmother’s things. She died in 1968; Mother gave them on to me in 1998. This was about 7 rows long, and twice the width that you now see it. Awhile back, I decided that I would never finish it in that state, so I took it apart half way across the width, then have been repairing and sewing the two halves together.  As you might be able to tell from the picture, the pieces weren’t all cut out the same size. It now resembles a dress with a waistline and a full skirt! I think I know why this was never finished!  DH cut a template for me that I can use to try to fix the worst parts. I really didn’t want to take it all apart. Hopefully I can remove some blocks that are over 1/4” too large, or whatever it takes. Another long term project. I don’t count these as UFOs – there were too many of them – but it has some bearing on why I want to finish up my own UFOs.


Happy Quilting,



Bonnie said...

Nothing like a good motivator. The old quilt is quite lovely though with all the old fabrics and colors. Good luck with it. I'll be going on another retreat in early June... should be fun but we'll also be taking a class. I'd be just as happy sewing on my own projects but will be taking the class as it is way outside my comfort zone and it will be a nice stretch.

Tamera said...

What a beautiful old quilt. What a challenge to finish it up!

Judy D said...

Packing for a retreat is both lots of fun and very stressful for me. What if I don't pack enough projects?? So far that has never been the case. I'm envious of you right now. Have a blast! Love your Grandmother's quilt.

Kathie said...

I always take way more projects to work on than I will have time but that way if I get tired of one thing I have plenty more to work on. Have loads of fun.

pcflamingo said...

When packing for retreats, my motto is "too much is better than not enough". Come to think of it, that works for fabric, money, chocolate....