Another UFO finish

I gave away all the placemats and table runners that I finished in time for Christmas, but I also wanted to make us some for the breakfast nook. I finished binding them today, so took some pictures. I used the colors in the stained glass in them.

Our placemats reflect some of our eating habits. I love to eat fruits and vegetables, DH can eat a whole package of Oreos in a day unless I hide them from him. I really wanted to make his out of the M&M fabric, but used it to quickly make placemats for my stepson’s family, and since I’m not buying ANY fabric, this had to do.

I love my stained glass. There are two more windows that angle back (it’s a very large bay), and I plan to have more of these panels made for them this year. They will be the same as the red one in the middle. There is more purple in these windows, but they look more blue when it is cloudy like today. If they weren’t snow-covered, you could also see stained glass post covers out on the deck. I don’t recommend those to anyone. Three broke in our terrible hailstorm this fall, and then the roofers broke another one. They are very pretty, though.

I also finished binding the flannel quilt, so I have more finishes for the challenge. This brings me up to 19 or twenty. I need to figure out how to list them in the border on this blog so I can keep track better. I’ve only seen a difference in the number of UFO’s, not any diminished stash. I think I will have to go for a larger number.

Happy Quilting,



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