A New Computer and a finish

DH and I decided to give ourselves new computers for Christmas. Mine has Windows 7 as the operating system, so I’m trying to learn all the ways it works. I was reading Bonnie’s blog http://quiltville.com today, and she was trying Windows live, so I decided to try it, too. She likes being able to see how the blog is actually looking rather than what blogger decides to do with it. I hate that part of blogger as well, so I’m trying this.


I did manage to have a finish that is quilty. Crayon top with don and Jessy This is the top from the guild blocks. I originally planned to put on another crayon border, but I really like it this way. I know it isn’t quilted, but that isn’t my job on this. I pass it on to a quilter (or the committee head) Tuesday at Guild meeting. It sure turned out bright and fun. DH and DGD#2 decided they needed to be in the picture as well. I was happy to oblige!

Quilt items finished Running total
Crayon top 1

I had to try adding a table, but I’m not sure yet how it works. Anyway, I have one finish on my personal challenge of finishing 50 quilts from stash.


When Ginny came to pick me up yesterday, she saw this flimsy and asked what she had to do to own it. She has to come to our guild quilt show which is sometime this spring, and register for the drawing. One visitor’s name will be drawn, and they win the quilt. Ginny said to make sure she knows when the quilt show starts!


Let’s see if I can figure out how to post this blog, then I’m off to put up the Christmas tree, write Christmas cards, and wrap some gifts so I can actually find clothes in my closet.


Happy quilting, Becky


Anonymous said…
The quilt looks lovely! I like it just that way also.

That is also one adorable DGD!

Mary said…
Looks great, and I like the view you have from you Long arm too. Your DH and DGD #2, by the pretty finished little quilts!
Chris said…
I love the crayon fabric!! Fun.
Very colorful - novelty fabrics can be alot of fun to work with if you can find the perfect use for them - and this quilt fits the bill! Love the projects on your wall too. Cheers! Evelyn
Gari said…
Your blog came thought great on Windows Live. Maybe I will try it, too.

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